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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Kagal Pincode / Post Office Search (KOLHAPUR, Maharashtra)

Anur B.O 416235KagalMaharashtra
Arjuni B.O 416235KagalMaharashtra
Arjunwada B.O 416208KagalMaharashtra
Baleghol B.O 416218KagalMaharashtra
Bamani B.O 416232KagalMaharashtra
Banage B.O 416235KagalMaharashtra
Baradwadi B.O 416208KagalMaharashtra
Bastavade B.O 416235KagalMaharashtra
Bidri S.O 416208KagalMaharashtra
Bolavi B.O 416218KagalMaharashtra
Boravade B.O 416208KagalMaharashtra
Chikhali B.O 416235KagalMaharashtra
Chuye B.O 416207KagalMaharashtra
Ekondi B.O 416232KagalMaharashtra
Gorambe B.O 416216KagalMaharashtra
Hamidwada B.O 416235KagalMaharashtra
Hasur Khurd B.O 416218KagalMaharashtra
Ispurli S.O 416207KagalMaharashtra
Kagal S.O 416216KagalMaharashtra
Kapshi S.O 416218KagalMaharashtra
Karanjivane B.O 416219KagalMaharashtra
Kardyal B.O 416218KagalMaharashtra
Karnur B.O 416216KagalMaharashtra
Kasari B.O 416218KagalMaharashtra
Kasba Sangaon B.O 416216KagalMaharashtra
Kenavade B.O 416216KagalMaharashtra
Khadakewada B.O 416235KagalMaharashtra
Madyal B.O 416218KagalMaharashtra
Malage BK B.O 416219KagalMaharashtra
Mhakave B.O 416216KagalMaharashtra
Mhalunge B.O 416207KagalMaharashtra
Mouje Haladi B.O 416219KagalMaharashtra
Mouje Sangaon B.O 416216KagalMaharashtra
Mudhal B.O 416208KagalMaharashtra
Mugali B.O 416218KagalMaharashtra
Murgud S.O 416219KagalMaharashtra
Nandgaon B.O 416207KagalMaharashtra
Nidhori B.O 416219KagalMaharashtra
Pimpalgaon BK B.O 416235KagalMaharashtra
Pimpalgaon KH B.O 416216KagalMaharashtra
Sadashivnagar S.O 416235KagalMaharashtra
Savarde BK B.O 416219KagalMaharashtra
Shankarwadi B.O 416232KagalMaharashtra
Shendur B.O 416232KagalMaharashtra
Sidhnerli S.O 416232KagalMaharashtra
Sonage B.O 416235KagalMaharashtra
Sonali B.O 416219KagalMaharashtra
Sulkud B.O 416216KagalMaharashtra
Surupali B.O 416235KagalMaharashtra
Talashi B.O 416208KagalMaharashtra
Tamnakwada B.O 416218KagalMaharashtra
Thikpurli B.O 416208KagalMaharashtra
Titave B.O 416208KagalMaharashtra
Turambe B.O 416208KagalMaharashtra
Undarwadi B.O 416208KagalMaharashtra
Vadgaon B.O 416218KagalMaharashtra
Vandur B.O 416216KagalMaharashtra
Vhannur B.O 416216KagalMaharashtra
Walwa Bk S.O 416221KagalMaharashtra
Walwa KH B.O 416221KagalMaharashtra
Yamage B.O 416219KagalMaharashtra